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The present invention relates to trailer hitches, and more particularly to a trailer hitch which releasably locks a trailer to the towing vehicle.
2. Prior Art
One of the more irritating problems that regularly occur as a result of driving a tractor or SUV (other than the occasional occurrance at full speed or with bone-breaking jolts) is the accidental and careless hitting of a rear bump bumper on the trailer. The force of the bump can easily snap the trailer tongue from the hitch, causing the trailer to burst free of the vehicle. This can be devastating, causing a massive amount of property damage to the trailer, and/or at worst, the trailer overturning and pulling the vehicle with it. Even when no serious damage is done, one must always be prepared to retrieve and repair the damaged trailer, a time consuming task that can be a major inconvenience.
Thus, a need remains for a trailer hitch for releasably attaching a trailer to a towing vehicle that overcomes the above-noted shortcomings. The present invention satisfies such a need by providing a trailer hitch that is easily deployed and which may be easily and quickly folded into a compact configuration when not in use, and vice-versa. Such a rugged, efficient, and effective device is not revealed in the prior art. between the root surface and the underlying cortical bone of the lumen of the sinus.^\[[@R2]\]^ Thus, the disappearance of the concave shape of the lateral wall of the sinus cavity not only results in a narrow floor of the maxillary sinus but also causes its posterior wall and lateral wall to appear in parallel, resulting in the clinical manifestation of osteomeatal obstruction.

In addition to the presence of the concave shape of the lateral wall of the sinus cavity, the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus is an important factor that may cause progressive sinusitis. If the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus is too low, mucus and secretions in the sinus cavity may accumulate at the bottom of the floor, resulting in a greater likelihood of sinusitis.^\[[@R22],[@R


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pattern = re.compile(r’\s{2,}’)
pattern2 = re.compile(r’\s{2,}’ if re.MULTILINE else r’\s’)

line = pattern.sub(‘ ‘, line)
line2 = pattern2.sub(‘ ‘, line2)

>>> print line2

Money services business

A money services business (MSB) is an entity that offers services to financial institutions and/or consumers, such as bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, currency exchange, wire transfer and prepaid cards, that facilitate the transfer of funds for financial transactions.

Money services businesses are regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the United States Department of the Treasury.

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Financial institution
Payment system


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Money Services Businesses

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