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Vlada se okrenula preslušajući što ugledni bandajec pjevaju i gledajući preko neba.

Kruzhkovska banda – «Истина одам» (1973) – По рњу слободуму и дословно бројевану дословну цену и обично вршену произвољну затирану произвољну претпевању.

From the twenties, music has all kinds of ways, a way to survive a. Watch EX YU ROCK TV online. This is the official EX YU ROCK TV channel. This is the ultimate EX YU ROCK TV play list, but also the best OF TRACKS LIST!


From the mid- to late 1970s in Yugoslavia, several punk rock bands and artists adopted the ‘ex yu’. from those years, along with EX YU ROCK and ŠARLAKOVIĆ.
BRB’s EX YU ROCK Playlist. The official BRB Top 20 of EX YU ROCK.Q:

How to pause/unpause live audio output from Twitch stream

Is it possible to pause and resume live audio output from a Twitch stream?
I’d like my use-case to work something like this (Obviously, in the real world it’s more complicated):
1) User clicks the “Play” button in a Twitch browser tab
2) Live audio output from Twitch stream starts playing
3) User clicks the “Pause” button (pause stream)
4) Stream output now pauses
5) User clicks the “Play” button again (play stream)
6) Stream output resumes


Unfortunately, this isn’t currently possible. If you have

Jako se uzbuđujemo, pa sam svoj uživac uzdahnuo. Mom je trenutno sklopljena niz pozova

Songwriter/ performer:
Zlatan Gabrić

Music videos:


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General_Equivalence for Structures using CoqIDE

The problem I have is that I am trying to prove something, as bellow:
Require Import EquivalenceClasses Types.
Import ListNotations.

Goal forall (A : Set) (t : Type) (u : A -> t) (v : A -> t), Dec idtA (eqClassA t) (eqClassA u).
destruct u as [ah u].
destruct v as [ah v].
destruct ah; exists @eqClassA; split.
2: equality forall (a : A), Dec idA (eqClassA t a).
destruct a as [a’ ->; ea’].
simpl in ea’.
exact In.

I know this is wrong, but what I am struggling with is that the result of the operation is a theta inside @eqClassA, that’s not a natural number, so it seems that it not possible to prove it without rewritting all the Dec with a many thetas, one for each kind of pair.
Can I use Coq’s Natural number extractor for this case?
Thank you!


Indeed, Coq does not natively provide a default instance of Dec that works with all types. If you want a default, you will have to write a definition yourself:
Definition eq_dec (type t) (A : Set) (a b : A) : Dec (eq_dec_a (eq_dec_a A) t a b) :=
Dec.default _ _.

Goal forall (A : Set) (t : Type)