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Gm Addon 3.3.5 Wow Trinity __EXCLUSIVE__ 🔥

Gm Addon 3.3.5 Wow Trinity __EXCLUSIVE__ 🔥

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Gm Addon 3.3.5 Wow Trinity

Jan 9, 2019
NEW: TOC FIX: ( You can display it when you have saved the TOC and open the wizard dialog )
Updated binary version of the addon.
Oct 30, 2017
TOC Fix Added: Link to the Translations tab is now in the dialog for all languages.
Updating the plugin to API v3.3.1.
Translations have been updated.
Thanks goes to LeoVirgil
Updated all the translation packs
And to Meka for all her hard work.
Oct 14, 2018
Translations updated for v3.3.0.2.
Oct 7, 2017
Added -New Project- and -Move Project- commands into the dialog.
Added a help pop-up for the new project tab.
Oct 6, 2017
Added -New Project- and -Move Project- commands into the dialog.
Oct 5, 2017
Added -Keybind- to the help pop-up.
Added new Project dialog:
* -Project: Enter the Project or GameID for which the command is for.
* -Action: Select the action (Move/Rename) to be taken.
* -Move: Move the Project
* -DUPS: View UNBinding Process
* -TOC: View the TOC Tree
* -Send: Send the project via mail.
* -Import: Import the project via mail.
* -Remove: Remove the Project
* -Move: Move the Project
* -Rename: Rename the Project
* -Create: Create a new Project
* -Edit: Edit the Project.
* -Add: Add the Project to a world map.
* -Delete: Delete the Project
* -Assign: Assign a Map to the Project.
* -Bind: Bind a Map to the Project.
* -Map: View a World Map.
* -Translate: Translate Map to another language.
* -Add Map: Add Map to World Map.
* -Delete Map: Delete Map from World Map.
* -Move Map: Move Map to World Map.
* -Sorting: Add sorting of maps to World Map.
* -Keybind: Add Keybind to World Map.
* -Keybind: Swap Keybind from World Map.
* -Keybind: Remove Keybind from World Map.

Step 4: Self-evaluation

The final stage of the protocol was self-evaluation. The objective of this step was to ensure that the students believed that they had learned the objectives of the module. Questions used to evaluate their learning will be presented in the ‘Outcomes and implications’ section. The self-evaluation questions had five possible responses, and some students commented that they did not understand that there were other possible responses. For example, it is possible to be uncertain but still be dissatisfied. The self-evaluation also included the question on whether or not the learners were more confident in their technical skills and clinical diagnosis ability in the first 10 min of the CT simulation scan. The results of this question are presented in [table 4](#T4){ref-type=”table”}.