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Getting.Over.It.with.Bennett.Foddy-HI2U Game Hack !LINK!

Getting.Over.It.with.Bennett.Foddy-HI2U Game Hack !LINK!

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Getting.Over.It.with.Bennett.Foddy-HI2U Game Hack

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Thursday, March 29, 2008

video games to be investigated as new’sport’

video games could be investigated as a new sport in a landmark case with implications for players, schools and a possible new wage and employment protection.

A leading concussion expert has complained in the Australian Federal Court that current injuries in Australian football are being ignored. The expert has lodged an application under the Federal Court’s sport code to declare modern football a danger to players.

Brian Wright, a sports concussions researcher at Monash University, said the case was being handled by a sports concussions organisation, Lawyer and the Court which is looking to appoint an independent expert on the issue as a “human interest” claim. “It’s very high profile and not something that’s just been handed to me,” Mr Wright said.

“They’re looking for the world’s leading expert in this area, so it’s an opportunity I’ve certainly looked forward to.” The application marks a “game changer” in the law, arguing that football, like many other sports, was an emerging new sport or tradition.

Mr Wright’s application will ask the court to declare that to assume that football is a sport does not rest on a reasonable basis. It argues that the vast majority of football players who suffer injuries are also doing so in the name of enjoying their sport.

Mr Wright said on Monday it was not about declaring football a “sport” but rather making sure a protocol for the prevention of head injuries was in place.

“There’s basically a lot of suffering going on and probably an equal amount of suffering not being adequately dealt with,” he said. “Our society thinks that

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Markos Belousov (; born 19 July 1973) is a retired Bulgarian freestyle wrestler. He competed at the 1996 Summer Olympics and the 2000 Summer Olympics.


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