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Successful post-bypass graft surveillance is limited due to the dearth of anatomical information provided by angiography. A new optical coherence tomography (OCT) technique is described that should allow both precise and rapid acquisition of vein graft morphology. Using a prototype imaging device, the imaging wavelength was chosen as 1310 nm. The target was the reflection from haemoglobin at the boundary of red and white blood cells (intravascular scattering) in the vein graft. The axial resolution was found to be 80 microm, corresponding to the 35 microm voxel size achievable with Fourier domain OCT. Using this method, images of the aortic and saphenous vein grafts from a porcine model with a small animal circulation bypass can be acquired within 20 seconds using a 0.5 mm diameter probe. For the purpose of surveillance, OCT has a number of potential advantages; (i) lack of need for iodinated contrast agents and ionizing radiation, (ii) real time, (iii) no table motion required, (iv) high resolution providing detailed imaging of vein graft morphology, (v) thin fibre probe, (vi) excellent tissue penetration allowing imaging of

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An ultrasound imaging system is commonly used to image internal structures of a human body. An ultrasound imaging system typically includes an ultrasound probe and a control unit. The control unit is electrically coupled to the ultrasound probe to transmit electrical signals to the probe and receive electrical signals from the probe. The electrical signals are used to form an image of the internal structures of the human body.
Typically, an ultrasound probe is used for multiple imaging sessions. A typical ultrasound probe is not reusable because it includes permanent features. As a result, ultrasound probes are typically discarded after the probes have been used for multiple imaging sessions.
It is difficult for ultrasound probes to withstand external forces such as those encountered during transport and storage. As a result, the electrical connection that couples the ultrasound probe to the control unit can be damaged. In particular, damaged electrical connections can result in image artifacts that distort the medical images being formed by the ultrasound imaging system.
In some instances, after an ultrasound probe has been used, a new ultrasound probe must be used to avoid the image artifacts. This is often costly as multiple ultrasound probes are usually required to form medical images.
It is therefore desirable to provide an ultrasound imaging system that is reusable to reduce the cost of providing ultrasound images.
A hand-held ultrasound imaging system comprises a housing having a surface, a connector, an ultrasound probe, and a control unit. The connector couples the ultrasound probe to the control unit. The ultrasound probe comprises a body and a probe head. The probe head is configured to be placed on the housing surface. The probe head includes an attachment member. A fastener secures the probe head to the housing surface such that the attachment member connects the probe head to the housing.
As a result, an ultrasound probe can be attached to and detached from a housing in a single motion. A user does not have to apply force to separate an ultrasound probe from a housing. As a result, the ultrasound probe can be reused.
Further areas of applicability of the present invention will become apparent from the detailed description provided hereinafter. It should be understood that the detailed description and specific