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Emitter current limit on multimeter

I have a 1k ohm resistor connected to a multimeter’s probe. The resistor is connected to negative terminal of A.B. power supply and the ground connected to probe’s earth.
What would be the possible output current on the multimeter given that I have connected it to (yes) the probe that’s connected to A.B. power supply?


I guess you mean that the multimeter’s input connector is connected to the probe that is connected to the AB supply and grounded in the Earth. The resistance of your 1k Ohm resistor is irrelevant and you’re measuring the collector current of the transistor that powers the multimeter.
Now, the collector current of such a transistor is, unless the collector load resistor is very high, a function of the collector voltage, the emitter resistor, and the input impedance of the meter. With the meter, there is no impedance in the circuit so we can assume that the input impedance is infinite and therefore the collector current is directly proportional to the collector voltage. The emitter resistor of the transistor must, otherwise, absorb all the current and its presence will be felt by the meter. That is why, generally, the emitter resistor is chosen as about 10x the collector resistor.
So, if you have a single meter (no multimeter or oscilloscope), the collector current can be anywhere from 100 to 10-100mA, depending on the input voltage and the measurement range of the meter.
If you have a multimeter with a 100mA setting, that will indicate about 10mA collector current (the amperage may

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Alabama played four consecutive home games to close out the regular season. They were the 2012 SEC Championship Game in Atlanta against Georgia, a second-round game at the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl against Michigan, the 2012 BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame.




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Preliminary studies indicate that the Kodiak Island population of bottlenose dolphins may not survive the summer due to effects of climate change, according to a report by marine biologist Tim Hinkley, who is among the researchers involved. Hinkley said the problem is compounded by public anger at the recent killing of two whale calves, which were later found to be female and unable to migrate. “Folks feel that it’s just wrong,” Hinkley told the Anchorage Daily News. He said the killing of the dolphins could have prompted an “irrational turnabout” of public sentiment.

Crew of the disabled Coast Guard rescue cutter Cape Corwin returned to Cape Wrangell, Alaska, on May 22, after spending nearly three months on the Alaskan coast helping two disabled whales stranded along the coast. In all, crew members spent more than 730 hours at the scene of the whales’ deaths on the west side of Admiralty Island, helping to save the two whales and two calves.

The Obama administration is asking the EPA to withdraw rules that limit how much mercury the nation’s waterways can hold.