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cant load a saved game 💹

cant load a saved game 💹


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I did some research and it seems there is some sort of bug where it is failing to find the game on the second CD on some systems. I mean, you even have an executable but you need a dvd to get it working on your system, so again, what does that mean?? I would ask you to contact the developers and give them support or something like that, but I don’t think NFS Underground 2 has an official site…Trying to find the eula-only thing from NFS Underground 2, I found it on a website called “Passiflora7”. They have an EULA that says “Attention: You may not copy or alter in any way, to extract, decompress, or play NFS: UG 2 games.” Thanks. I’d love to know the answer too. ;)
How to Update NFS Underground 2 to the Latest Version? Thanks for all the helpful information on how to update NFS: Underground 2.
I had NFS Underground 2 installed, and upon restart, I was prompted to insert the CD to play the game. I inserted the CD, clicked on the game, and before I got the title screen that says “Press Start” and NFSU2 opens, I see the Loading screen, the rain, the speeding car, then the title screen. NFSU2 seems to be stuck at the loading screen. I know my CD was readable because it opens File Explorer after the start screen, and I can browse to the folder I mounted the disc in; however, when I click on it to open the game, it says “Unable to load file” and then “Hit any key to continue.” I’d be happy to simply put in another disc, if I can load the game without a CD this time. I do have a backup, but I don’t want to just install that instead of an existing game! Thanks. Edit: Upon opening the registry editor, it says the following: “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. This package might not be installed on your PC. Contact the application vendor to have this problem fixed. Windows Installer version: 5.3.12189.1316. In other words, it tries to find the CD but can’t because it’s not there. I’m going to try rebooting the computer. Edit 2: This didn’t help. How can I install this game without a disk? This game is available for download at

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Sep 8, 2021

Sep 9, 2021
This offers you the ability to join in-game servers with custom game titles and custom characters. >>I am trying to join, but I am getting a error message saying that I must click on the “This server needs to be repaired” link. >There is no repair button that I can see. >>If there is no repair button, how can I get around it? >I am sure it is just a server that’s having trouble, but I would like to play if this is not fixed. >>I cannot find any place where you can join this server. >I cannot find it either. If I cannot get on to the in-game server, it’s not working for me. For example, the ninja Xcap 2.0.2 and Requiem 2.0.2 only have one .
Sep 10, 2021

Sep 10, 2021
You can give new users more time to join a server if you have an old password saved in your game. Go to “My Documents/Adobe/player/password.dat” and click Edit > Paste > Click OK. Paste the password from your mind map and restart the game. >The password reset worked perfectly. >>I have a problem. I tried to join a server but it says that the server needs to be repaired. >Can someone help me with this?
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Sep 10, 2021
– Added the ability to freeze your character and unlock her after a restart of the game. Also, the game will then make sure the event has not been taken place yet. In the event that it has, the unlock will fail and the characters will be left with an ordinary unarmed weapon for the following time. >I’ve created a new character and have the event completed. The character is still the default one. >>How do I make sure the character is the real one and not the original one? ~~I used multiple methods and unlocked her using multiple characters. However, I am still left with the default character. ~Try renaming it to