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AutoCAD Product Key Architecture

AutoCAD Crack Keygen’s predecessor, Drafting System GS, was a graphical drafting and drawing system developed by Industrial Technology Laboratory (ITL) at MIT to help the automotive industry. In 1972, GS was renamed AutoCAD, and in 1988, the first version was released.

Since then, AutoCAD has evolved through several major releases each year.

AutoCAD’s current architecture is a combination of several previous architecture generations:

1. Architecture 1 (1987)

2. Architecture 2 (1990)

3. Architecture 3 (1997)

4. Architecture 4 (2003)

5. Architecture 5 (2007)

6. Architecture 6 (2010)

7. Architecture 7 (2013)

8. Architecture 8 (2018)

AutoCAD Architecture

All AutoCAD versions are capable of drawing all standard types of two-dimensional (2D) drawings, including plans, sections, curves, surfaces, solids, polylines, polylines, polylines, and arcs. Three-dimensional (3D) objects such as solids, cylinders, and surfaces are also supported. AutoCAD’s capability for 3D modeling, however, is extremely limited.

When used with any AutoCAD product, new and all previously created drawings and components are typically stored in the “Drawing Database.” The Drawing Database stores the drawings, and in AutoCAD 2013, the drawings can be stored in a single or multiple file. Drawings can be archived, and the drawings can be restored if an older version of the database is unavailable. The drawings and drawings components are referred to as “data.”

In addition to a drawing database, AutoCAD contains other components such as dimension lines, styles, and masters. The Data Management component is also available for import and export of data from outside systems.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture 1 (1987)

First released in 1987, AutoCAD Architecture 1 introduced the three-dimensional (3D) text and the capability to rotate in all directions. In its early versions, AutoCAD Architecture 1 included features such as menus, commands, and an extensive Help system.

Drawing Tools

With AutoCAD Architecture 1, the basic tools for 2D drawing were included: Line, Arc, Block, Rectangle, Spline, Polyline, Trigonometry,

AutoCAD 24.0 For Windows 2022

AutoCAD Crack Keygen is cross-platform, having the same user interface regardless of the platform it is running on.

If a new application is developed for AutoCAD, the developer would choose one of the interfaces listed above to create a user interface for the application. Because the user interface is written in one of the native languages, the developer can write a more efficient, robust, and user-friendly application in comparison to using VBA.

A few examples of Autodesk Exchange Apps include

AutoCAD Architecture (2017)
AutoCAD Architecture: For AutoCAD for Architectural Design by ArchiCAD (Automation tools): US $750
AutoCAD for Architects (2019)
AutoCAD for Architects (2019) is a fully integrated CAD software application for architects, engineers, interior designers, quantity surveyors, and construction professionals.
AutoCAD Electrical (2019)
AutoCAD Electrical (2019) offers multiple types of electrical CAD capabilities to help architects, engineers, and electrical contractors efficiently design and build electrical projects.


In AutoCAD, there are many tools with which the user can design or modify objects. These tools are organized in a menu called the palettes, for example, “View”, “Edit”, “Tool Palettes”. Each palette is called a “unit”. Each unit is made of many categories which correspond to commands and objects. Examples of some common palettes are “View”, “Select”, “Trace”, “Modify”, “Project”, “Insert”, and “Frames”.

Historically, some AutoCAD users have developed custom tools and added them to the product. These are usually referred to as “third-party tools”.

As with many software packages, AutoCAD includes custom commands, macros and scripts. These are collectively called AutoLISP. These macros and scripts are organized in two menus called “Approvals” and “Command Boxes”.

In 2017, AutoCAD renamed its custom commands from “custom commands” to “Customize Commands”.

In AutoCAD 2020, the new customizable interface is now enabled.

AutoCAD was originally developed by the AutoDesk company and was released in 1989. It is now owned by Autodesk, Inc. and is currently under development by Microsoft. Autodesk has released various updates and product revamps to the software. The initial version of AutoCAD contained an onscreen calculator. The user interface

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What’s New In?


In AutoCAD, you can create and organize AutoLISP functions that can automatically synchronize with your drawings. With a job, you can convert any AutoCAD command into an AutoLISP function, and quickly and efficiently execute it on every drawing that uses that function.

(video: 1:30 min.)

Dynamically generate drawings from engineering and architectural models. Explore new ways to use the new Dynamic Modeling feature in AutoCAD. (video: 2:55 min.)

(video: 2:55 min.)

Lock, Stretch, and Mirror:

Use Locking, Stretch and Mirror to create objects that can be moved, resized, rotated and reshaped without losing their proportions or orientations. The resulting drawing is automatically proportionally resized or scaled so that all lines, arcs and other objects remain the same size or scale. (video: 2:25 min.)

Excel and other data for your designs:

The open data option is now available in Excel for the first time, including option to use more recent data that updates as the program is running.

Full list of new features, updates, and support in AutoCAD 2023.

Frequently asked questions

What do the numbers mean on a license key for AutoCAD?

The first three digits (or groups of three) indicate your product level, which defines how your AutoCAD features are enabled and how much memory you get.

Note: AutoCAD products prior to AutoCAD 2012 had the same licensing model.

The last three digits indicate the version of AutoCAD software.

The highest license level is BC30. The lowest is BC20. The following example is for AutoCAD LT 2023.

The last three digits in the license key (2023 in the example) are your license version. BC2023 is AutoCAD 2023 software.

How do I find out what product level I have?

Go to the About menu and press the F1 key. A dialog box opens to display the level of your product.

How do I find out what version of AutoCAD I have?

Go to the About menu and press the F1 key. A dialog box opens to display the version of AutoCAD.

How do I find out what features

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5 or better
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
2 GB free hard disk space
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better
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