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AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack With Keygen [Mac/Win] [Latest] 🆕

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack With Keygen [Mac/Win] [Latest] 🆕







AutoCAD Crack [2022-Latest]

Original Model

The original version of AutoCAD Crack Free Download (1982) was designed for engineers and architects who create buildings or other structures. (It was originally known as “Revit.”) After release, the company made it compatible with the language of AutoCAD Product Key 2 (1983), which now enabled designers to produce 3D representations of their work.

AutoCAD was based on the technology developed by Peter B. Danielsen, who had created the first 3D modeling software, Digital Project. Although various firms (such as Digital Project) have attempted to develop such software, none of these has come close to achieving the popularity of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD’s ability to represent 3D objects and create 2D plans makes it a very useful tool for architects and engineers. Though the company has been around for over 30 years, it is still selling a newer version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2016, which was released in October 2016.

AutoCAD Basic

Some AutoCAD functions are available to basic users through a Basic drawing. These include:

2D drafting, such as lines, arcs, and rectangles

text, including fonts

graphics, such as lines, arcs, polygons, circles, and ellipses

arrows, text, and logos

images and shape files


2D representation

With AutoCAD, you can create 2D drawings on paper (plans) and on a computer screen (sketches). You can use different colors to distinguish one section of the drawing from another. You can add features to parts of the 2D drawing that will not print out. When finished, you can see your 2D drawing (plans or sketches) on paper or a computer screen. If you view your 2D drawing on a computer screen, you can use screen printing technology (separate your image) to view a variety of drawings.

3D drafting

AutoCAD can draw a variety of objects:

lines, arcs, and rectangles


complex shapes

A 3D representation of any 2D drawing can be viewed on paper or in a computer screen.

2D editing

To quickly edit lines, polygons, and arcs, you can use the 2D editing tool (pen) in AutoCAD

AutoCAD Crack+

AutoCAD Torrent Download also supports other third-party add-on applications including Autodesk Map 3D, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Inventor, and DGN Viewer.

Notable features

Support for multiple users (shown in red)
Ability to reduce drawing size on export
General Preferences
Color Palette
Default user preferences
Dashboard widgets
Dynamic dimensioning
Reverse engineering
Object interactions
Dynamic parameterization
Hints and Palettes
Scratch pad
Undo and Redo
Extended Drawing Controls
Label Styles
Scale model units
Component Properties

AutoCAD was released in March of 1991. In the 1990s the Microsoft Windows platform was dominant, and AutoCAD was released as a Windows-only application. However, other platforms have since come into dominance, notably Mac OS X, Linux and Windows XP (from Vista). AutoCAD LT is available for Mac OS X and Linux.

In May 2014, Autodesk announced that AutoCAD software is available on Google’s Android platform as well as iOS.

AutoCAD was also available for PC Windows up until 2007, when Autodesk announced that the software would be removed from the Windows market. The software could be bought, but Autodesk pulled all support for the Windows version on October 1, 2007, although a version for use with Windows Server 2008 still exists.

In June 2010, Autodesk announced the discontinuation of AutoCAD LT.

As of 2013, AutoCAD LT is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

AutoCAD is available for Android on the Google Play platform in the form of a free app with no restrictions. It can be downloaded directly on the Android device through the Google Play Store.

As of 2013, AutoCAD is available for the Apple iOS operating system, in the form of a free app with no restrictions. It can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

The free AutoCAD drawing viewer for Android is available for download in the Google Play Store.

In 2014, AutoCAD was re-released on Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

AutoCAD is available for macOS using the last versions of 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Mobile Apps
AutoCAD is available on the

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What’s New In?

Export Pathlines:

Create unique lines for each surface in a model, by either selecting the pathlines and automatically linking to the surfaces, or by manually dragging paths on any surface. (video: 5:03 min.)

Snap to Grid and Stamp at Default Grid:

Snap to the grid and print at the default printer settings, so the best results come out of the printer. (video: 6:55 min.)

Macro Recording:

Use macros to automate repetitive drawing steps. Record and play back your macros to show everyone the steps you use most frequently. (video: 4:53 min.)


Create custom dashboards to get notifications when a feature is released, and learn about new features when they are released and include them in your drawings.

Business Apps

Visualize your data, improve your workflows, and make the most of your time with a choice of more than 35 business apps and integrated work spaces.


Add fields, enter text, measure, align, and much more—your design journey is sure to be enhanced by the new features of AutoCAD.

More than 20 New Features in AutoCAD Production 2019

AutoCAD Design Release 13 brings a wide array of improvements to the design-related functionalities of the program. The features available in this release are listed below:

Snap and UV Map Export:

Selecting the snap or UV map with a crosshair no longer requires a separate click, saving valuable time while still maintaining the precision and ease of selecting that tool. (video: 0:22 min.)


Create a group to hold items that you want to reuse in multiple drawings. Drag a symbol, text, or command from one group to another, and AutoCAD will maintain your object’s location, dimensions, and other properties in the subsequent drawings. (video: 0:36 min.)

Add Style Sheets:

Use the click-and-drag method to apply style sheets to different styles of symbols and text—and lock those styles after a defined amount of time. (video: 1:06 min.)

Add New Equation:

Enter a new equation using the new Equation commands. All the equation variables are automatically set to be the same shape, dimensions, and location—saving time while maintaining precise control of your equation. (video:

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or higher
Dual core processor (2GHz or faster)
4GB of RAM
8GB of free space
800×600 minimum resolution screen
1024×768 recommended resolution
DirectX9 compatible video card
Windows Vista or higherDual core processor (2GHz or faster)4GB of RAM8GB of free space800×600 minimum resolution screen1024×768 recommended resolutionDirectX9 compatible video cardDENVER — Call me crazy, but the new Star Trek film did it for me — it saved